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Multiple clinical trials support dramatic results... improved joint mobility and more youthful-looking skin!*

These are actual results from subjects who took the daily recommended dose for 12 weeks. Results may vary.

New age-defying liquid collagen hits the market and thousands are getting amazing results!

  • Reduces wrinkles from the inside-out without cosmetic injections*
  • Eliminates dryness without the use of topical moisturizers*
  • Reduces the enzyme that can make your skin age*
  • Increases skin's collagen content and hydration*
  • Improves firmness and sagging skin*
  • Improves joint mobility and lubrication*
  • Reduces discomfort*
  • Promotes healthy cartilage and connective tissue*

Works from the inside-out... No injections, no creams, no prescriptions!

A truly ground-breaking discovery!

Visible signs of aging and joint discomfort are a result of the progressive degeneration of connective tissue, where both collagen and hyaluronic acid (HA) are essential. Unlike anything else, Liquid BioCell™ offers a naturally occurring, patented matrix of hydrolyzed collagen type II, HA, and chondroitin sulfate and its patented Bio-Optimized™ manufacturing process produces an ideal molecular weight that your body can effectively absorb. It's been clinically shown to work!

  • Collagen is the most abundant protein found in joint cartilage and the dermis of the skin. It provides the structural framework of your connective tissues to keep your skin firm and resilient and your joints active and fluid.
  • Chondroitin sulfate is a naturally occurring element of joint cartilage that gives it amazing shock absorbing properties.
  • Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a molecule that helps provide hydration for your skin, lubrication for your joints, and is the gel-like substance that holds your cells together.



Why is this powerful age-defying nutraceutical supported by an Orthopedic Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon, and Ivy League Biologist?

"Joint discomfort is a result of progressive degeneration of connective tissue where both collagen and hyaluronic acid are essential. Unlike anything else, Liquid BioCell allows you to replenish these important substances orally in a patented, highly-absorbable form, and it's been clinically shown to work. Liquid BioCell reduces joint discomfort, increases the range of motion and restores mobility. It's the most remarkable nutraceutical for joint support and healthy aging that has ever been introduced to the market." - Louis P. Brady, M.D. Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

"Liquid BioCell is clinically shown to increase hyaluronic acid in the body by 6000%. This translates to a decrease in wrinkles from the inside-out. Liquid BioCell helps bring tone, elasticity, and moisture back to the skin, and even goes an important step further - it helps reduce the enzyme that can make your skin age." - Jon M. Grazer M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.S. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Assistant Clinical Professor Department of Plastic Surgery, University of California, Irvine

"The ingredients in this dietary supplement are substantiated by solid scientific research and offer multi-layered benefits for healthy aging. The Liquid BioCell Life formulation is constructed not only with the health benefits of this unique collagen matrix, but also helps reduce oxidative stress that accelerates the aging process." - Joosang Park, Ph.D., Cancer Biology, Stanford University, Fellow at Harvard Medical Center

Awarded 7 US and international patents and numerous industry awards!

"I am a runner, and my husband was an avid runner, until his joints would no longer allow him to keep up such strenuous physical activity. I am so excited to report that my husband, after about a month on the product, is now back to running. My own running time has improved, my joints feel amazing and my skin looks great!" Stacy H. - Rockport, TX

"Since I started taking Liquid BioCell™ I can see a noticeable improvement of the wrinkles on my face!" Donna L. - Mosinee, WI

"I was attracted to the Liquid BioCell™ product for the vanity reasons of wrinkles, and I was excited when my dry and flaky skin became soft and supple in just a few weeks. But I am also happy to report that the joint discomfort is gone in my hips." Kathy P. - Tampa, FL

"Since I have been taking Liquid BioCell™, I have noticed a major difference in the mobility of my shoulder and neck." Justine H. - Katy, TX

"I am 56 years-old and I lift weights. I have not worked on my legs in about a year and dreaded doing so because of the residual, severe discomfort for as many as five days afterward. After taking Liquid BioCell™ for the first time, I worked on my legs and there was no discomfort at all. Amazing!" Robert S. - Tarpon Springs, FL

"I'm 68 years-old and my daughter had me try Liquid BioCell™. I had several joint discomfort issues and after one bottle began to see great improvement. Now after two months on Liquid BioCell I'm feeling years younger! " Joseph B. - Port St. Lucie, FL

" Since I have been taking Liquid BioCell I have no joint discomfort now and my muscles respond better and quicker with activities and exercise.. I wish everyone could feel as good as I do now by taking Liquid BioCell." Billy H. - Westville, OK

"I've only been consuming Liquid BioCell for a month and it already seems to be helping with the appearance of my skin where more traditional methods had failed." Dani L. - Riviera Beach, FL

"Liquid BioCell has improved my joint discomfort. I also noticed that my skin has a 'fullness' that I never noticed before. It has diminished the appearance of my facial folds, and improved my hands which used to be wrinkly and dry." Josie T. - Granada Hills, CA

"I have experienced great relief with Liquid BioCell for my dry and itchy skin." Claudia F. - Jupiter, FL

"Liquid BioCell has given me back my flexibility and helped several friends become free of joint discomfort. Liquid BioCell is life-changing!" Carolyn W. - North Palm Beach, FL

"My wife and I have both worked as 'blue collar' workers our whole lives and since taking Liquid BioCell we have never felt better! We are now exercising four to five times a week. " Gene G. - Mountlake Terrace, WA

I started taking Liquid BioCell and have seen a huge difference in my joint discomfort, but I have also seen an incredible difference in my skin. People who I have not seen in a while comment on how radiant my skin looks, even in the bitter-cold New England winter. It feels great to look in the mirror! " Stephanie S. - Newton, MA

"I have only been consuming Liquid BioCell for a month and I can already see and feel the benefits, as are my friends who are purchasing the product from me. This is truly a wonderful product. " Davida W. - Tequesta, FL

"After I used Liquid BioCell for just three weeks, I found that I could climb stairs without discomfort in my knees for the first time in years!" Martyne B. - Albuquerque, NM

"The range of motion in my shoulder rotator cuff has been restored with Liquid BioCell. " Diane C. - Melbourne Beach, FL

"My flexibility has increased significantly since I have been taking Liquid BioCell. " Janine B. - Camarillo, CA

"Even though we were told about the wonderful results people were having with Liquid BioCell, my wife and I were shocked when after only three weeks there was practically no discomfort in my knees when climbing stairs, etc. After two months I can run upstairs and do squats easily." Ron A. - Singer Island, FL

My knees are feeling great , which is keeping my doctor happy! " John M. - Kansas City, MO

"Liquid BioCell has impacted me greatly!!! Not only has it started affecting my life financially, but as a 29 year-old with no major joint problems, I was amazed with the benefits. My energy levels have doubled. I work on my feet and the daily discomfort has improved. My gums have never been better. My early wrinkles are diminished...and my skin has a glow that has never been there. As if all of that weren't enough, the daily calls thanking me for introducing people to this product are amazing! I pride myself on helping people and I cannot thank Liquid BioCell enough for letting me do that and make money in the process!!! " Melissa B. - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"I am passionate about the Liquid BioCell business opportunity and the product. I saw positive results with my joints and skin within just a couple weeks. Liquid BioCell has an amazing compensation plan as well! " David F. - Belleair, FL

"My sister is recovering from health issues. I can see very visible signs of the positive effects of Liquid BioCell on her. " Pat B. - Belton, TX

"I have seen improved health in my right shoulder, right hip and both elbows since I have been on Liquid BioCell. " LuAnn H. - Jupiter, FL

"I recently enrolled as an iRep for Liquid BioCell and already love the product. Not only does it taste good but it has so many beneficial ingredients in it! " Lamise M. - Boca Raton, FL

"Liquid BioCell has greatly improved my mobility and skin. My sister, Carol, has been able to work this past year with little back and knee discomfort since she has been on the product. Liquid BioCell is the best business opportunity, better than any other company I have seen. They also have great customer support. " Nancy T. - Houston, TX

"I love Liquid BioCell! It's helping with my skin and certainly my joints. " Beverly K. - Palm City, FL

"I have seen an amazing difference after three months of drinking Liquid BioCell. I don't notice my issues in my joints anymore. I am able to do exercises that I haven't done recently, and people notice that my skin is younger looking. " Lars N. - Santee, CA

"My husband started taking Liquid BioCell and within two weeks his joint discomfort has improved. He is now able to exercise and takes part actively in sports that he had been unable to do in over a year! " Terry F. - Boca Raton, FL

"I have only been on the product for about two weeks and I can see a change in my health! " Theresa W. - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"I am all about Faith, Family, Friends & Fitness…and Liquid BioCell is a natural fit in this relationship. I continue to be amazed at the increased mobility I have experienced since starting on Liquid BioCell" Vanessa H. - North Palm Beach, FL

"I started with Liquid BioCell because I was seeking a health solution to my very bad knee problems and I now have the answer: Liquid BioCell. Thank You ALL. " Ron W. - Clearwater, FL

"After taking Liquid BioCell for two weeks I noticed that my hips had no discomfort and my fingers were more flexible. I have been telling friends about Liquid BioCell! " Pauline B. - Greenville, SC

"I have had remarkable results with Liquid BioCell for my skin and joints. " Susan K. - Rockport, TX

"I love Liquid BioCell! It has made me look younger, reduced the appearance of some old scars and I feel better. " Lee B. - Durham, NC

"Liquid BioCell has improved my health and the business opportunity is better than any other company I have researched. " James C. - Tequesta, FL

"Liquid BioCell has given me more energy. It has also helped my neighbor with improvement in his hip and shoulder discomfort . " Marylyn R. - Phoenix, AZ

"I've never have been involved with a company before that has such an amazing product. Liquid BioCell has improved the joint discomfort in my knees. I've been spreading the word! " Nate L. - Turlock, CA

"I love the taste of Liquid BioCell! I had terrible dry eyes and Liquid BioCell has helped, I now have plenty of lubrication in my eyes. I also had quite a bit of joint discomfort in my knee and my hip was bothering me so much that I had to give up running, often even a brisk walk was out of the question. I am now enjoying my walks and my runs again with my very energetic Jack Russell, Blaze! I can even keep up with his pace again! What a pleasure for both of us. I look forward to excelling in the business aspect of Liquid BioCell as this is my future career path. Thank you Liquid BioCell! " Angel T. - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"The Liquid BioCell business opportunity is something my husband and I do together as a couple along with our closest friends, and making money on top of it! " Angie F. - Jupiter, FL

"Liquid BioCell is just what I need to provide an extra stream of income to my busy life. " Vincent D. - Honolulu, HI

"My mom was the first person who tried Liquid BioCell on my recommendation. She's in her sixties, had discomfort in her back and knees and wore knee braces when she exercised. After she started taking Liquid BioCell, she had forgotten to use her knee supports and then realized it was because she didn't need them anymore! Her skin also looks great, much softer. Since I recently graduated from high school, Liquid BioCell gives me the chance to make a good living right out of the gate! " Maya M. - Ocean View, HI

"Liquid BioCell has helped my joint discomfort and has truly helped with greater energy and focus. " Kimmy L. - Windsor, CA

"My joint issues are already getting better with Liquid BioCell. " Jodie F. - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"My wife has had discomfort in her neck for over thirty years. I have been no better and we have tried every product we've seen advertised on TV and online for joint health with nothing working. After taking Liquid BioCell, the "popcorn crackle" has significantly improved. My wife can turn her head almost normally and we are now able to exercise. We are very pleasantly surprised that this stuff really works for us! " Richard P. - New Port Richey, FL

"Since I started on Liquid BioCell, I have been experiencing less discomfort in my thumb joints and am now sharing Liquid BioCell with all of my friends and family" Patricia T. - Hilo, HI

"My mother has knee discomfort and the Liquid BioCell product has significantly improved her joint health. We love Liquid BioCell! " Elizabeth T. - Jupiter, FL

"You can see improved joint health in the photos that have been taken of my hands before and after Liquid BioCell. I now have more movement. " Sylvia M. - Melbourne Beach, FL

"I have been taking Liquid BioCell for a short while and I can already see a difference in my skin. It is softer and more supple and I'm excited to see what happens after a longer time on the product. I am a yoga teacher and an avid practitioner, as well as a dancer. I'm excited about the benefits of Liquid BioCell for my joints! " Lauren G. - Delray Beach, FL

"Since taking Liquid BioCell for the last several months I have been able to discontinue the use of my daily facial moisturizer. " Donna L. - St. Cloud, FL

" At the age of 31, I am too young to have joint issues, which are only going to get worse in the coming years. Taking Liquid BioCell has helped my joint discomfort considerably. I am able to play indoor soccer and walk so much better! " Myra A. - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"I have taken Liquid BioCell for only five weeks and I have noticed that my joint health has improved a great deal. I can now use my fingers more effectively and my knees are more flexible than they used to be! " Elo P. - Lewisville, TX

"Liquid BioCell has made my joint health better. " Dottie W. - Pierson, IA

"Liquid BioCell has changed our lives. My husband is a tennis Pro. But, after every game he would spend hours (and I mean hours) icing his knee after playing. About two months after being on Liquid BioCell we were having lunch with the person who introduced Liquid BioCell to us, and it hit me that we had just played tennis the night before and my husband was not icing his knees! We could not believe how great he felt after playing four hours of tennis. The change was subtle but very powerful. It was because of Liquid BioCell. My husband is also a massage therapist and personal trainer who now introduces every client, stranger, neighbor, friend and family member to Liquid BioCell. It has been an amazing seven months. Thank you Liquid BioCell! " Cathy S. - St. Petersburg, FL

"My brother is the type of person who would argue with you if you tell him that something is good for him and his joints. So my sister-in-law left the Liquid BioCell in the fridge. She noticed it was disappearing quickly. My brother finally admitted he was taking it and feeling better and he noticed less discomfort and stiffness in his knees from the Liquid BioCell. " Susan M. - Bacliff, TX

"I am totally excited about Liquid BioCell and cannot wait to impart this information to many of my friends! " Jan U. - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"Now that I am on Liquid BioCell, my joint health has improved. " Doug R. - Greenville, TX

"Liquid BioCell gives me energy, helps my joints and is a great gift to give for people to try. " Susan D. - Las Vegas, NV

"I have had discomfort in my back. Just getting up in the morning was very difficult, as was turning over or getting out of bed quickly. Now since I have been on Liquid BioCell, I roll over all night and wake up feeling like I am twenty-five again! I pop right up out of bed and am ready to go without taking a hot shower to get loosened up. " Dawn A. - Jupiter, FL

"Liquid BioCell is an amazing product that has helped me look and feel better. The results delivered by Liquid BioCell have been incomparable to any other product I've tried. My skin has never looked better, and my joint health has improved. Liquid BioCell gives me the opportunity to not only enjoy the financial benefits it offers, but allows me to help change people's lives. " Brandy B. - Ventura, CA

"I am a runner and my recovery time on Liquid BioCell from a half-marathon was about one quarter the time as compared to other races because it has improved my joint health, and I have run 34 full marathons and about 50 half-marathons! " Donnie B. - Statesville, NC

"Within the first few weeks of use I noticed my knees felt so much better when I got of out bed. Also, Liquid BioCell has improved my skin's appearance. " Denia Y. - Orlando, FL

"The effects of Liquid BioCell on me are such that I now notice when I miss taking it. " Edelgard T. - Naples, FL

"I am 72 years-old and since taking Liquid BioCell my gums are greatly improved. Also, my beautician says my very fine hair is much stronger and healthier. " Helen S. - Porter, TX

"Within a few weeks of taking Liquid BioCell, I noticed how my skin had a nice, healthy glow. " Laura L. - Ventura, CA

"I have been drinking and promoting Liquid BioCell for two months now. I am 46 years-old and I can see that my skin is softer and I seem to have less wrinkles, and I can't wait to see what happens in the future since I don't feel like I am aging anymore! " Monika B. - Naples, FL

"Both my husband and I have developed joint health. After taking Liquid BioCell for only about a month, we both noticed a lack of discomfort (he in his ankles and I in my fingers and hip joints). Additionally, I find I have quite a bit more energy and feel more agile. " Joan P. - Delray Beach, FL

"I enjoy the taste of Liquid BioCell immensely and have definitely felt the health benefits especially in my knees and spine. " Joseph S. - Jupiter, FL

"I am loving Liquid BioCell and its results on my skin and my general health, and having my friends and family working with me is great, too! " Vicki D. - Jupiter, FL

"Liquid BioCell has been life-changing. My husband is able to move better than ever and play tennis without icing his knee for hours afterward. " Peggy I. - Lehigh Acres, FL

"In just about eight weeks since I started taking Liquid BioCell, the discomfort in my wrists has subsided greatly! " Emily H. - St. Petersburg Beach, FL

"Liquid BioCell has improved my joint discomfort! " Gary Z. - San Diego, CA

"At first I was skeptical about what Liquid BioCell would do for me, but after consuming the product I began to see and feel a remarkable difference in my joints! My husband noticed the difference and asked what I was doing that was different. I poured him a shot of Liquid BioCell and gave it to him to try. He loved it and now he drinks Liquid BioCell every day! " Sandra S. - Sylmar, CA

"I have only been taking Liquid BioCell for a month and I can already tell that I don't have to roll out of bed like I did before I started taking it. Thanks Liquid BioCell! " Kimberly H. - North Palm Beach, FL

"The discomfort in my shoulder has improved after using Liquid BioCell. " Thomas V. - Santee, CA

"I have had discomfort in my back and hand joints. Liquid BioCell has improved this in few a months. Also, my mother-in-law now can walk much better and can actually get on the floor with her great grandchildren and play. After playing she doesn't even require assistance to stand on her own. This product continues to amaze me in its ability to give its user a new lease on life. " Larry G. - Loxahatchee, FL

"At 59 years-old, my skin has never looked better thanks to Liquid BioCell! " Dotty A. - Oviedo, FL

"I walk up and down the stairs in my house every morning for cardio exercise and to strengthen my legs so I'll be strong enough to waterski. After I built up to doing the stairs for a solid half hour-a-day, my knees were absolutely killing me. They were uncomfortable, not only when I was doing the stairs, but all day long when I was just sitting at my desk or lying in bed. Then I heard about Liquid BioCell and wanted to try it to see if it could help improve my joint health. After two weeks, the discomfort in my knees went from about a 6 on a scale of 10 down to around 1/2 of a point. Now after two months on Liquid BioCell, I can't say that my knees bother me anymore. " Pam L. - Alexandria, VA

"I love this wonderful product Liquid BioCell that is helping tons of people! " Crystal D. - Cape Coral, FL

"Since I started taking Liquid BioCell, I have noticed that I can go up and down the stairs with greater ease and energy, whereas before, I resisted making any unnecessary trips either up or down. Also, I heard my mother singing in the kitchen (she had been taking Liquid BioCell for a few weeks), and I've never heard her sing before. She called me and told me that she thought Liquid BioCell was making her happier! I noticed a greater sense of emotional upliftment, as well, after being on Liquid BioCell for three to four weeks." Phyllis L. - Austin, TX

"I have seen an improvement in some of the fine lines on my face since taking Liquid BioCell and my stepmom has seen significant improvement in her skin tone. " Sabrena A. - Largo, FL

"In my brief experience so far with Liquid BioCell, I have already noticed wrinkles around my mouth fade and less discomfort in my knee. " Paul E. - Friendswood, TX

"Liquid BioCell has greatly helped my friend who is 87 and has joint discomfort. She can get up and in and out of chairs and cars much easier now since she has been taking the product. She said her discomfort has improved with Liquid BioCell. " Valerie H. - Clearwater, FL

"The results I have seen from taking Liquid BioCell are as follows: the appearance of wrinkles are disappearing, the lines between my eyebrows are also disappearing and my skin has improved overall and is more balanced. Also, my elbow used to creek and now it doesn't. " Stephanie V. - Oviedo, FL

"I have never felt better with Liquid BioCell! My joint health has significantly improved! I'm 68 and feel like 38! " Merrily T. - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"Liquid BioCell is so great. What a wonderful product! I believe that everyone should be taking it! I love Liquid BioCell and the business opportunity is amazing!" Rajka V. - Las Vegas, NV

"Liquid BioCell has become a daily supplement for my mom and I. We have both noticed improvements in our joints. It tastes great. " Linda R. - New York, NY

"Liquid BioCell has provided relief from the discomfort and stiffness in my legs that was causing me to lose sleep. Liquid BioCell has allowed me to sleep through the night for the first time in years. " Michael H. - Glen St. Mary, FL

"I believe that Liquid BioCell is the most amazing nutraceutical product that I have ever seen or taken. As a Clinical Nutritionist, I was very impressed with the studies I had read. Then both my wife and I started taking it. The results we both have had are nothing short of spectacular. Her skin and her face look amazing and she has received many compliments. For myself, I had some joint health issues in both of my knees and starting in my back from years of playing competitive sports in high school and college. After only two weeks taking Liquid BioCell I was stunned when I realized that my discomfort was gone! Both my mother and father have had significant improvements in their health as well. The business opportunity is equally as amazing as the physical results. My wife and I are very excited to have this opportunity to provide what we are certain will be a very comfortable retirement for ourselves. This is a tremendous relief for something we were quite concerned about before we were blessed enough to have found Liquid BioCell. We just want to say from the bottom of our hearts, Thank you! " James & Judy S. - Lombard, IL

"With Liquid BioCell, I have felt better with my joints and my skin seems to be smoother. I also have a customer who states his joints feel better and some of the age spots on his skin have gotten smaller. " Bill F. - Jupiter, FL

"I love the taste of Liquid BioCell. It has helped my right shoulder and I have mentioned it to family members and my chiropractor already! " Laurene C. - Niagara Falls, NY

"Liquid BioCell is helping with my overall joint discomfort. " Bob C. - Eastlake, OH

" After taking Liquid BioCell for two months or so, two ounces twice daily, the joint discomfort in my thumb has improved significantly. I can use my thumb normally and now have free range of motion. I have told many people about this and they have become Liquid BioCell iReps. " Audrey C. - Pompano Beach, FL

"Liquid BioCell is the most complete supplement on the market, nourishing the skin and joints at the same time, and is loaded with healthy-aging nutrients. " Michael D. - Los Angeles, CA

"My friend has had a severe health condition causing immobility and she can now move her toes and feet since taking Liquid BioCell. " Bonnie P. - Jensen Beach, FL

"Liquid BioCell is excellent as are the benefits, taste, and packaging! " Debra M. - Long Beach, CA

"I wasn't looking for any specific result when I began taking Liquid BioCell, but I noticed that after several months on the product, the appearance of a scar that I have had on my forehead for several years had all but disappeared! I hadn't seen my mother in several months and she noticed right away! " David C. - Tujunga, CA

"My husband and daughter have been taking Liquid BioCell for about a month now. My husband ran out and started noticing that his joints began to cause him discomfort again. We are now putting our account on autoship! My daughter has had very little discomfort in her knees since being on Liquid BioCell. " Shelly K. - Fulton, TX

"Since I have been taking Liquid BioCell I have no longer been popping pills for my joint health! " Suzanne S. - Lake Park, FL

"Liquid BioCell has changed my whole thought process. I signed up for personal benefits. I was introduced to Liquid BioCell by my daughter-in-law and son. Within a short time, , my customers asked about my skin and my exercise sessions were easier. I had more flexibility, younger-feeling skin and not only that, younger looking skin! Within a month I was so confident I decided to go parasailing with my son! Thank you Liquid BioCell! I am sixty going on sixteen. A business opportunity like Liquid BioCell is a great venture and I know with the support of my sponsors, team and my own effort that Liquid BioCell IS THE ONE FOR ME!!! " Gina E. - Lehigh Acres, FL

"I think Liquid BioCell is great... I'm so excited to be a part of this company and to share this amazing product that is changing people's lives for the better! " Michael P. - Wareham, MA

"Since my early twenties I've experienced joint discomfort. I've been to many doctors who have tested me repeatedly. I have been taking Liquid BioCell for several months now and Liquid BioCell has made a huge difference in the quality of my life. It has lessened significantly my joint discomfort. This has, in turn, allowed me have better sleep, which gives me more energy and longer workouts, which also increases my appetite. It all goes hand in hand, and this ability to get some relief from discomfort has improved my overall health. " Pegi M. - Jupiter, FL

"I have consumed Liquid BioCell for nearly two months and I have noticed a significant improvement in my hair. " Lorie L. - Jupiter, FL

"I have discomfort in my two rotator cuffs. Since I started taking Liquid BioCell, I can now do 75 push-ups every morning! " David R. - Palm Harbor, FL

"I have noticed after taking Liquid BioCell that my skin is softer and the discomfort in my shoulder has subsided. " Lynda R. - West Palm Beach, FL

"Liquid BioCell has helped my energy and mobility tremendously. " Taresa S. - Jupiter, FL

"I have not had discomfort in my joints since I began taking Liquid BioCell. " Marybeth L. - Temple City, CA

"Since I have been taking Liquid BioCell, I have especially noticed a huge difference in flexibility and a lack of stiffness when walking. My skin is softer and smoother. My outlook on life has improved tremendously as I know I have found a business that will provide income which will eventually enable me to retire from my 8 to 5 job. " Mona M. - San Diego, CA

"This dietary supplement has helped me tremendously! I've studied ballet and gymnastics for over thirty years. With my hardcore training, my body has had joint discomfort causing cracking and the need to readjust my entire body. Ever since I've been drinking Liquid BioCell...WOW! AMAZING! It's so nice to wake up and be able to pick up my kids immediately without having to readjust my body as much as I did in the past! " Noelle Z. - Jupiter, FL

"Liquid BioCell has improved the discomfort in my shoulder. " Darryl J. - Apopka, FL

" I started taking Liquid BioCell and within one week I noticed a difference. Now after two months my back has improved and I feet great. Thank you Liquid BioCell! " Donald M. - Rockwall, TX

"Liquid BioCell is great, tasty and it works!!! " Dennis I. - Honolulu, HI

"After the birth of my first child I was very self-conscious about my stomach and after a few months on Liquid BioCell, my girlfriends and I had a pool party and they all commented on how the skin on my stomach was firming up and they could barely notice the visual texture of the stretch marks! I now take Liquid BioCell everyday and I look and feel better because of it. " Angela C. - Tujunga, CA

"I've only been taking Liquid BioCell for three weeks and already I feel better energy and increased mobility. " Julie A. - Mount Dora, FL

"Liquid BioCell has helped the discomfort in my shoulder and the stiffness in my fingers. I can clearly feel a difference when I do not drink Liquid BioCell for a few days. " Loren R. - Jupiter, FL

"I have felt better since taking Liquid BioCell with my joints and the discomfort with my back. " Cathy K. - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"I have been taking Liquid BioCell for six weeks at 2 ounces twice per day and the wrinkles on my face are smoothing out. Also, so are the lines on my forehead! After taking the product for only a matter of days, when walking it now seems more effortless. I have no awareness of my joint discomfort. It's like the body flows as one unit when walking down the path. I am interested in telling others about Liquid BioCell! " John S. - Grand Rapids, MI

"I have been on Liquid BioCell for five months now. I am an Esthetician and I have had such great results with my skin! I get comments all the time on how beautiful my skin is. I look forward to a growing business with Liquid BioCell! " Cindy R. - Tampa, FL

"I have had joint discomfort, until I began my Liquid BioCell regimen. The stiffness in my fingers has subsided, the discomfort is greatly reduced and most importantly, my joint mobility has been greatly enhanced. You can be sure I'm in it for the duration! I can't wait to get my children involved in the business and on the product! " Arlene M. - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"The increased energy with Liquid BioCell has been exhilarating! Liquid BioCell has made a difference in my life. " Kay T. - Palatka, FL

"Since taking Liquid BioCell I have more agile wrists and fingers and my nails are strong and growing. " Mimi D. - Dania Beach, FL

"My mother said it helped the discomfort in her knee within weeks. " Michael V. - Santee, CA

"My son Noel introduced us to Liquid BioCell. It has given both Desmond and me more energy. The discomfort in my ankle has subsided and my feet actually feel lighter when I run! Thanks to Liquid BioCell we are both experiencing improved health. " Joan S. - Palm Coast, FL

"WOW! My skin seems less wrinkly on my legs. I am so happy with the results I have seen since I have been taking Liquid BioCell. " Annie R. - North Palm Beach, FL

"Liquid BioCell has completely helped my joint discomfort. My 92 year-old mother is now taking Liquid BioCell with wonderful results. My son-in-law, my sister and several friends are also taking Liquid BioCell with great results. As a business venture, I am excited to be building my network, and looking forward to the income that ensues. " Albert M. - Coral Springs, FL

" Within five months of taking Liquid BioCell, the discomfort in my joints had improved and I had energy again. Now I only have to see my doctors if something is bothering me! Thank you Liquid BioCell! " Sue O. - Henderson, NV

"My husband and I love Liquid BioCell! It has helped him with his knee discomfort and I love the improvement I see in my skin and hair. My skin is clear and the dark sun spots have gone away!" Aida B. - West Palm Beach, FL

"Liquid BioCell has helped with the joint discomfort in my knees, improved my skin, and I am more energetic. I also have dry eyes and I just realized that I am not experiencing the dryness I used to feel. The management of the company is impressive. " Louise V. - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"Taking Liquid BioCell has helped with my joint discomfort and has softened my facial lines. I am very happy to know more about this product, and I plan to use it for years. " Ruthie C. - West Palm Beach, FL

" Liquid BioCell has helped to significantly fade facial dark spots, and has lessened the lines around my eyes. It has also provided a rather large additional income stream for my family, so the business aspect of Liquid BioCell has also been incredibly rewarding! " Amy B. - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"Liquid BioCell tastes awesome! It's helped my joints and my skin's firmness and wrinkles. The business opportunity is unlike anything I have ever seen or been involved in. " Petrina R. - Tequesta, FL

"It has been less than two months since I started drinking Liquid BioCell and the discomfort I had been experiencing for over four years in my knees has significantly improved. " Gayle Q. - Rockport, TX

"I am recommending Liquid BioCell to all of my patients. It tastes good and I love the ingredients! " Ann T. - Brandon, FL

"I have been taking Liquid BioCell for about two months now. My friend who hadn't seen me for about five weeks commented on my skin. She said I looked younger, wanted to know my secret and is now using Liquid BioCell herself! I am so excited to make Liquid BioCell my business and to help my friends and family look younger and feel better. This is a great company with a patented product that really works.!" Smilja M. - West Palm Beach, FL

"When Liquid BioCell was introduced to me I knew it was life-changing and I'm so glad to be a part of it. " Catrina B. - Heathrow, FL

"I can definitely see physical changes in my appearance since I have been on Liquid BioCell. " Vee Y. - San Diego, CA

"I love the taste of Liquid BioCell and what it does for my skin. Not only does it hydrate it but I can see a difference in the discoloration I had in my face. " Mindy H. - Jupiter, FL

"Liquid BioCell has made such a difference for my father with his knees and we will continue to consume and recommend Liquid BioCell to others. " Laura C. - North Palm Beach, FL

"Liquid BioCell does work. It only took three bottles for me to notice the joint discomfort was significantly less in my hands. " Carol B. - Pasadena, TX

"I am a personal trainer and Liquid BioCell has improved my mobility, especially in my neck and back. My chiropractor says I'm holding adjustments longer. There is less tightness in my neck! " Diane G. - San Diego, CA

"Liquid BioCell gives me great skin! " Nancy S. - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"Since taking Liquid BioCell, my skin has become clearer and is softer looking. Also I have less discomfort in my neck. " Cherie W. - Longwood, FL

"Liquid BioCell has truly helped me to gain the upper hand on my health. " Janice C. - Westlake Village, CA

"I'm 63 and have had lots of discomfort until taking Liquid BioCell. Within the first week, my joint health had improved. " Zan M. - Ocean View, HI

"Since consuming Liquid BioCell I have noticed a great change in the energy level and the way I feel in general. " Connie C. - Jupiter, FL

"I have seen a change in my knee discomfort and I also noticed this morning that my frown lines have almost gone away! No need for any Botox now! " Danielle L. - Jupiter, FL

"Liquid BioCell is a delicious drink that has helped improve my joint discomfort. " Linnea H. - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

" Since taking Liquid BioCell the quality of my life has improved 10-fold. I no longer wear a back or knee brace and sleep peacefully through the night now. I am honored to share this product with others as well as the Liquid BioCell opportunity. " Rita F. - Palm Beach, FL

"I am a skin care specialist and I am very impressed with the improvement in the appearance of my skin and that of my clients since I began consuming Liquid BioCell. " Natalya E. - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"The most obvious change I have noticed since I began my Liquid BioCell regimen has been in my skin with more elasticity and a younger appearance of my hands and face. " Joanna S. - Fort Myers, FL

"I am 69 years-old and after taking Liquid BioCell for less than a month, my discomfort has, to my amazement, stopped! " Ron R. - San Diego, CA

"Liquid BioCell has improved my knee mobility and the discomfort associated with my joint health. It has also improved my skin. I have always had smooth skin as an adult, but Liquid BioCell has made it even better! Thank you. " Cindy R. - Galveston, TX

"I am very pleased with the results I have had since taking Liquid BioCell. The product has helped to improve my joint stiffness and my body has been more flexible overall. " Sheryl M. - Escondido, CA

"Since I have been taking Liquid BioCell I have experienced much less discomfort and have had to make fewer trips to my chiropractor. " Victoria S. - Rockport, TX

" My knees now have little or no discomfort and my back is also back to being healthy and comfortable. After only five weeks on Liquid BioCell, I can do just about anything I want. I walk three miles a day (year round).. My skin, hair, and nails are starting to show improvement as well. Oh, almost forgot, my energy level is also way up. Plus, Liquid BioCell tastes great! Liquid BioCell works!!" Jeff M. - New Bedford, MA

"After only one week on Liquid BioCell, I can now walk without any discomfort. It is much easier to be active with my family and friends. Thank you Liquid BioCell! " Ann G. - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"I was experiencing little to no discomfort in my joints after just the first few of weeks on Liquid BioCell and now after four months, my skin is looking great too. I have more energy, I sleep well and without taking what I used to. I am passionate about Liquid BioCell ! I've got the health, now on to wealth! " Debi H. - Glen St. Mary, FL

"I love the taste and the convenience of Liquid BioCell. I am not a healthy eater (lots of meat and potatoes) so the additional antioxidants are a plus to my diet. " Patricia K. - Kailua Kona, HI

" I love the benefits I am seeing with my hair health. " James F. - St. Petersburg, FL

"Almost my entire immediate family is drinking Liquid BioCell. I've noticed a positive difference in my skin; it looks and feels softer. I'm looking forward to expanding my Liquid BioCell business this year. " Mark S. - Anaheim, CA

"I love Liquid BioCell because it has helped the appearance of my wrinkles, joint discomfort, and other health benefits. " Josephine P. - Bristol, RI

"I see Liquid BioCell as a great preventative way to defend the body from the present and future harmful effects of aging. " Bryant H. - Ocean City, MD

"With Liquid BioCell I feel better, I look better and my back and joint health has improved. Also, my face looks refreshed. " Manuel L. - West Palm Beach, FL

"Liquid BioCell tastes good! I feel younger, have less discomfort, and have healthier hair and nails since I have been on the product." Marcy D. - West Palm Beach, FL

"I have had issues with joint discomfort that have been greatly reduced since taking Liquid BioCell and it has improved the overall appearance of my skin. " Christine C. - Jupiter, FL

"Liquid BioCell tastes delicious! I definitely have more energy. My knee problem is much better and my nails don;t split anymore. Also, people tell me how much better I look since I have been taking Liquid BioCell. My sister has also had great success with her joint problems, and her nails too. People think she has on clear nail polish which she never wears. People can't stop telling us how good we look! " Ann R. - Bonita Springs, FL

"Liquid BioCell has improved my skin, it is not dry anymore! " Alys M. - Vicksburg, MS

"Liquid BioCell is a great tasting, effective product. It does what it represents and has provided effective solutions for many of my clients and family members. It fits in with healthful choices. " Valerie H. - Charlotte, MI

"Liquid BioCell helped my joints, particularly my knee, about a month after starting it. Now, after about four months or so, I'm noticing a softening of the facial wrinkles. " Sandra S. - Singer Island, FL

"With Liquid BioCell, the mobility in my shoulders has been restored...with NO DISCOMFORT! YEE HAA! " Mike L. - Jupiter, FL

"The joint health in my fingers has improved so much that it has stopped causing me discomfort since I have been on Liquid BioCell. " Gregg M. - Odessa, FL

"I have had tendon issues in my right ankle for over a year now. After drinking Liquid BioCell for two months nearly all of the discomfort is gone!" Carla R. - Rockport, TX

"My 86 year-old grandmother is walking better than ever and gets up and down by herself without any help because of Liquid BioCell. Also, my mother's skin looks amazing!" Sara F. - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"At 22 years-old, and being a novice weightlifter, I really think the Liquid BioCell has increased my overall recovery time in between workouts, and reduced the discomfort that used to really negatively affect my lifting. " Graham D. - Jupiter, FL

" After the first few weeks on Liquid BioCell, the discomfort in my elbow had improved. Liquid BioCell is now part of my daily routine and I will take this product the rest of my life... and so should you! " Michael B. - Jupiter, FL

"I have never been a believer in taking vitamins or any other product claiming to make you feel or look better; however, Liquid BioCell has been a lifesaver for me. It has not only helped with the mobility of my leg, but it continues to give me that needed boost every day. It now sits in the most convenient location in my fridge – easily accessible and will always remain there. " Steven G. - Santa Barbara, CA

"After two months on Liquid BioCell, the discomfort in my knee has reduced and my knee is more flexible. I assure you, that alone has proven to me that Liquid BioCell is the real deal. " Deb D. - Plymouth, MA

"I have been taking Liquid BioCell for two months. The appearance of my wrinkles is almost completely gone and I no longer have any discomfort! In addition, I recently had back surgery and my doctor said he has never, in his 23 years of practice, had anyone improve so much in less than a month. He said that my healing is occurring at a rate more rapid than normal. I have Liquid BioCell to thank for all of it!" Stacey F - Tampa, Florida

"Well, if it wasn't for Liquid BioCell, I wouldn't be back doing what I love most like: working out at the gym, dancing and even vacuuming my floor. Let's not forget to mention the financial freedom I will soon have! Thank you Liquid BioCell International for coming into my life!" Linda S. - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"I love introducing people to Liquid BioCell and all its benefits. I'm in my mid-thirties and fine lines and wrinkles have only just started to find me. I've also found with most people my age, joint discomfort generally isn't a huge issue. However, in 1996 my daily living became very uncomfortable. I realized it had totally disappeared when taking Liquid BioCell. Needless to say Liquid BioCell is part of my daily regime, the discomfort remains at bay and those fine lines and wrinkles, well they are nearly as apparent now too!" Heather M. - West Palm Beach, FL

"Liquid BioCell, I must say, is one of the most advanced health products I have ever tried. I have bad knees, which causes so much discomfort (I'm 6'4", 250). I tried Liquid BioCell starting in November and within 3 weeks I was amazed. The discomfort had decreased. I can attribute that only to Liquid BioCell. I even now lead with my bad knee when going up steps just to prove to myself that it works! Try it, you won't be sorry! " Kelly P. - Naples, FL

"I am just thrilled with Liquid BioCell. I have had discomfort in my shoulder for ten years from wear and tear. I've also noticed my wrinkles are disappearing. It's great to have a wrinkle-free face!" Bobbie S. - Bakersfield, CA

"My name is Greg and I am a recipient of Oregon's Fitness Leadership Award, a Bodybuilding Champion, and a Masters World Powerlifting Champion. In my quest to win gold medals and set world records in the sport of Powerlifting, I literally wore my joints out. I was no longer the living example of health and fitness I wanted to be and did not feel worthy to teach others as I was going downhill myself. The scientifically proven ingredients in Liquid BioCell have not only given me my life back physically but also financially because I am again being of service to others. I am so grateful for Liquid BioCell International Inc and everyone involved at corporate. You are changing lives! Thank you so much! " Greg S. - Ashland, OR

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